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Dr. J. Alexander Martin Ph.D.  heads an empire built on originality, urban influence, and industry-changing music.

The acclaimed Dr. Ph.D. J. Alexander Martin has externalized many successful ventures in the fashion industry including the iconic clothing line FUBU –“For Us By Us” – serving as the co-founder and Vice President. Today, his kingdom includes a clothing line, a non-profit, and a consulting firm. Through all of his endeavors, his innate talent and ability to predict trends have caused him to impact the fashion world once again. Rightfully portrayed as the man who made urban culture a part of the mainstream, J’s consistency in fashion has now given him a platform to emerge as an effectual leader once again.


Born and raised in Hollis Queens New York, his professional desire was realized at a young age. With an evoked confidence, motivation, and a sense of direction, this allowed J to navigate around the traps of urban life that snared many of his peers. With his developed vision to become an efficacious entrepreneur, J attended the Fashion Institute of Technology And has a doctorate in Philosophy Business Administration & Entrepreneurship from Harvest Christian University. Dr. Ph.D. J.  courageously served with the United States Navy during Desert Storm and was released on an honorable medical discharge. 

J is the Cofounder and creative director of Fubu The Collection https://fubu.com/ and CEO of ForUsByUs Network https://forusbyusnetwork.comHe has held licenses & has worked with successful multi million dollar brands, (Crown Holder, Kappa, Drunken Monkey, Ted Baker, Coogi, LRG Ladies, Under 2 Flags, Married to the Mob, Heatherette as well as consulted others. (Posner/Loreal, Luster Hair Care Products, Echelon Indian Virgin Hair & Human Hair Mfr., Scunci, Camus Cognac, FashInvest, Vumee, Siemens, Samsung, Vertu, Black Chambers of Commerce NY/NJ) Van Heusin, Fabien Couture Group, Sean John, Under 2 Flags.

He is currently Exec. Vice President & Creative Director & Co-founder of FUBU and Founder And CEO of ForUsByUs Network & Strategic Advisor/Shareholder Fan Controlled Football League (www.FCF.io) Author of  Building An Empire and “Money Makes Me Crazy”, Board Member of the National Black Chambers of Commerce, President of the New York State Black Chamber of Commerce and Representative of the Urban League Young Professionals.
Specialties: Fashion Business Mogul, TV Host, Public Speaker, Personal Branding Consultant, Creative Director, Author, TV Producer, Humanitarian 


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In a world where diversity is celebrated, Black people in America have faced a multitude of challenges, resistance, and struggles for their basic rights and freedoms. The scars of slavery and segregation still linger, echoing through the generations. Yet, amid adversity, pockets of unity have emerged, forging unbreakable bonds of strength and solidarity. From the plantations of forced labor to the fight for civil rights, this book takes you on a profound journey through history, revealing the power of human resiliency. The complexity of the Black experience is illuminated, showcasing the diversity of voices, beliefs, and ideologies that make up this vibrant community.
But the Secret to The Strength of “For Us By Us“ in Black communities remains an elusive vision, often hindered by external influences with ulterior motives.
The Strength of “For Us By Us” offers a compelling exploration to the Secret by emphasizing the importance of open hearts, active listening, and by doing so this book will reveal the Secret!


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